Rembrance Day 2018 in Long Preston

On 11 November 2018, Long Preston commemorated the end of World War 1 with a memorial service on Maypole Green and a lighting of a bonfire on Beacon Coppy, one of 1400 around the country. During November, as part of the commemorations, LPHG erected on Maypole Green crosses for each of the 15 soldiers who died in the war. As well as this, Moraig Hewitt and villagers from Long Preston and Hellifield crocheted and erected the poppy display on the fountain opposite Maypole Green.

Crosses and War Memorial
Crosses and War Memorial
WW1 display in Church
Remembrance day 2018 no3
Remembrance day 2018 no2
Remembrance day 2018 no1
Remembrance day 2018 no4