The Long Preston Heritage Group

The Long Preston Heritage Group has been very active since its inception in 2007, exploring the history and heritage of the village.

With regard to history, very little had been published until the Heritage Group started.  You can see what has been achieved here from our list of publications. We have built on what was known and, with research and excavations, we now have a reasonable and documented knowledge of the village back to Domesday.  Also, we have  a good knowledge of the area covered by the current village back to the Stone (Mesolithic) Age.  For example we have found evidence of an encampment next to the current village’s Main Green that probably dates back 8000 years to the first human habitation in the area after the last Ice Age.

The Heritage Group has also worked, often with other organisations, to improve areas of the village. Examples of our work are the former Baptist Chapel site with its graveyard which is now in public ownership and protected for the future. The money to buy this land for the village was raised from our own fundraising events. The small Millennium Green next to Maypole Green has also been improved and benches installed.

The village is lucky to have so many people willing to give their time and support not just to the Heritage Group but also to all the other village groups who work so hard to make this a wonderful place to live.



The Heritage Group

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Archived Documents & Projects

The work carried out by the Long Preston Heritage Group between 2007 & 2017 has been archived to separate pages, which are summarised here:

The summary contains links to the main sections of the archived pages, which can be accessed directly from here: